Creative Content Plan (CCP)

After years of producing professional video for nonprofit organizations we have learned that budgets are always tight, but the stories are always amazing!  We saw so many great stories go untold because of budget restrictions that we decided to do something about it.  That's why we developed the Creative Content Plan.  This tool will enable your organization to dramatically reduce the cost of professional video while providing you with more video content. 


How it works

The CCP is a monthly service plan that centers around developing video content for platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Websites, Email, live events, and more.  You'll be teamed up with an Account Manager (AM) who will create your plan and oversee production of your video content.  We'll create your content plan based off of the platforms you wish to target and the production package you select.

– develop Content plan

Your Account Manager will work with you to develop a plan for producing content based on your budget and targeted platforms.  You'll be amazed at how much more video content you will now be able to produce! 

– Produce Video content

Your package will include a base number of "creative hours" per month, that's the time spent shooting and editing your video.  Everything else you need is included!  You'll receive monthly status updates on your projects,as well as new suggestions on ways to drive results for your organization by using video.

– seize new opportunities

Having us on your team means you'll be able to respond quickly to opportunities as they present themselves.  Whether that's a spur of the moment event or a hard-to-get testimonial, you can transfer hours between months or add creative hours at any time.