Creative Content Plan (CCP)

We're not your typical video production company.  We specialize in nonprofit video production and we pride ourselves on bringing an unparalleled level of value to nonprofits in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  That's why we have developed a new monthly service plan that enables nonprofits to tap into the full power of video unlike ever before.  The Creative Content Plan is a tool designed to provide nonprofit organizations with more video content at a dramatically lower rate. 


How it works

Your organization is full of great stories, and video is one of the best ways to tell those stories.  That's why we'll work with you monthly to capture video content that can be used for fundraising efforts at live events and galas, through email marketing, social media marketing, and even through TV.  Not only that, but you'll now have the ability to create more informational/educational video content for staff, program participants, and/or the community.  As your needs change, so does the content plan.  

– develop Content plan

First we'll discuss your immediate goals, identify opportunities, and create a 12-month plan that will allow you to get the most from your budget.

– Produce Video content

Your package will include a base number of "creative hours" per month, that's the time spent shooting and editing your video.  Everything else you need is included!  You'll receive monthly status updates on your projects, as well as new suggestions on ways to drive results for your organization by using video.

– seize new opportunities

Having us on your team means you'll be able to respond quickly to opportunities as they present themselves.  Whether that's a spur of the moment event or a hard-to-get testimonial, you can transfer hours between months or add creative hours at any time.  Whether you need fundraising videos, email marketing videos, Facebook videos, live event videos, or any other video content, we have you covered!