Creative Content Plan (CCP)

We won't waste your time listing the top 10 reasons you need video to increase engagement online, through email, or at events.  You know video is powerful, that's why you're here, the challenge is making engaging content that fits your budget and helps you achieve your goals.  That's why we have developed a service plan that enables organizations to tap into the full power of video unlike ever before.  The Creative Content Plan is a tool designed to provide you with more video content at dramatically lower rates. 

What our clients are doing:
- Creating an audience on YouTube
- Using video to drive engagement on social media
- Captivating audiences at live events with powerful story videos
- Using video testimonials across a wide range of platforms


How it works

Our first goal is to identify the greatest opportunities for your organization to share stories that will increase engagement and create an audience.  Through our process of discovery and research we present you with a Creative Content Plan custom built to meet your unique needs and opportunities.  As your needs change, so does the content plan.  


The Creative Content Plan makes it easy for your organization to budget for your video needs.  Monthly packages start at $799/month.