10 Biggest Video Production Service Mistakes to Avoid

Author: Helen Clark |

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The future has already arrived, and videos have taken the marketing world by storm. Over 60% of businesses are already using video marketing with that number showing no signs of declining. Moreover, 80% of those companies list video marketing as the most important element of their marketing plan. When done correctly, videos can provide an excellent return on investment. However, the problem is that if video marketing is done poorly, it can have the opposite effect. Hence, there are a lot of video production mistakes you can easily avoid. 

Videos are worth every penny that is invested in their development. A lot of smaller businesses don’t feel as if they have the resources to produce high-quality videos, but that’s not the case at all. Today’s technology has given everyone access to video marketing. The real issue is doing it without making mistakes. 

So we need to learn from those before us and take steps to avoid the most common video production mistakes. 

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Mistake #1: Subpar SEO Marketing

One of the issues with videos is that companies spend so much time and energy, creating a great video that they forget about SEO marketing. If people are not watching your video, then it’s a waste of resources. Videos themselves cannot be picked up by search engines, so you have to do this through text. 

  • Have videos transcribed so that they are accompanied by their respective script. 
  • Include powerful keywords in the title and description. 

Mistake #2: Videos Have no Clear Objective

Having a clear objective is an essential part of creating a quality video. One of the most costly mistakes that we see with businesses is not outlining the overall message of the video before shooting it. Reshooting scenes because something was left out can be very expensive. 

Furthermore, finalized videos must have a clear message and tell viewers what you want them to do. So make sure that you write your script before you even think about trying to shoot it. 

Mistake #3: Making Videos that are Too Long

Don’t take this the wrong way. Videos that are long and engaging are going to convert at a high rate in some cases. The key word there is “engaging.” The problem is that a lot of beginners create long, boring videos that use a monotonous voice to describe the product or service. 

If a video does not hook an audience within the first few seconds, then you’ll lose viewers. In most cases, you should keep your videos short and engaging so that viewers will stick around for the whole thing. 

Mistake #4: Stuffing Videos with Irrelevant Messages

Customers want you to solve their problems. They don’t need a bunch of irrelevant messages stuffed inside of videos designed to help them. It’s important for each video to be limited to one overall message and have one clear call to action. Of course, no message should ever come at the expense of helping the viewer solve their problem. 

Word choice also plays an important role. Make sure that you’re using the right words to convey the overall message. This is another reason why writing a script in advance is handy. 

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Mistake #5: Lack of Planning

One of the biggest video production mistakes is to make videos for the sake of filling your content quota. All videos must solve a specific problem for its target market. Planning is the only way that you can ensure you are sending the right message. Also, improper planning will cause videos to eat away at your resources. They become more expensive to produce due to the constant need to reshoot it. 

Mistake #6: Creating Videos that are Too Focused on Sales

One clear call to action is all you need to include in a video. Anything more than that will come across as spam and will antagonize your viewers. There is no need to force feed your audience. If you help them, then they are going to follow through with your call to action. There are innumerable video editing services that you can avail of to make video that stands out and cater to the needs of your target customers.

Mistake #7: No Call to Action

Again, a call to action is what creates value for your business. As long as you are helpful and create an engaging video, your audience is willing to sit through one call to action. Make sure you tell the audience exactly what you want them to do at the end of the video. Don’t use lazy CTAs like “click below.” Take a moment to tell them exactly what you want them to do. 

Mistake #8: Using the Wrong Platform for Marketing

Try to put your videos onto as many platforms as possible to be sure it’s reaching your audience. Many companies post on YouTube and Facebook, and then wonder why their competitors’ videos are converting better. Factor in your target market when deciding what platforms to post your video on.  

Mistake #9: Not Using Analytical Tools

Analytics are a requirement of running a successful marketing campaign, and so it’s surprising to see just how many companies do not use analytics to gauge the success of their videos. Analytics will show you who is watching your videos. This helps you plan your content creation in a more focused way. It also enables you to identify certain habits of your target customers. This information will not only help you create better videos, but also provides you with useful data concerning other parts of your marketing strategy. 

For example, a restaurant will need to define their target market within a specific geographic location, so analytics help identify these individuals. 

Mistake #10: They Don’t Show What They Are Telling

A lot of beginners focus too much on what they are telling their audience without actually showing them. People watch videos to see things. They listen to podcasts to have things explained to them verbally. So businesses that are creating videos need to take the appropriate steps to show the story unfold on screen. 

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Final Thoughts

Making mistakes is part of running a business, but it’s also essential that we learn from others so that we can easily avoid these video production mistakes. But if you do make a few mistakes when starting, then that’s okay. Learn and keep moving forward.