Hang Time Board Shop

Hang Time Board Shop utilized Open Window Productions as their exclusive marketing partner to help them with the launch of their business. We partnered with them in the fall of 2022 as they were preparing for the spring launch of their brick-and-mortar store.

As the east metro's only local skate shop, located in North St. Paul, we knew the best way to reach the target audience of skateboarders 18-45 (and their parents) was through video content served across Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. We created social media content and a video library that we rolled out in phases, to align with the timeline for the store's opening and the updates that were taking place.

Our marketing efforts allowed the store, which opened on April 1st 2023, to operated profitably since day one; making their 1,000th order in less than 120 days. Now they are reinvesting their profits into expanding their website content and the start of a national digital marketing campaign to boost their e-commerce sales. We will be right there with them as they hit their 1,000,000th order!

The Results

- Over 140 YouTube & 750 IG subscribers in 6-months

- 28,000 video views on YouTube (organic)

- 15% CTR on FB/IG video ads (6300 clicks with $175 spend over 7 days)

- Grand opening IG PPC ad had a 10x ROAS

- 1000 sales in the first 120 days of opening

- 450+ unique website visitors every month


  • Services: Writing, Production and Editing

Hang Time Board Shop
Service: Design
  • Services: Writing, Production and Post-Production

  • Services: Production and Post-Production

Hang Time Board Shop
Service: Design

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