Creative Content Plan

Our unique video retainer plan will provide you with more content at better rates.
Every package is customized to deliver the on-going video content you need to meet your goals.
Contact us today for a customized video solution.

Think of this as a way to add an entire video department to your organization without that level of overhead expenses.

How it works

1. Discovery

We get to know you inside and out, like we are a member of your team. Your dedicated account manager will get to understand your challenges, past successes, and future goals. So that we can present you with a recommendation.

2. Setup

Once you are presented with our initial proposal we will discuss budget and timeline. The recommendations will evolve into a more concrete strategy. The final agreement will provide a list of deliverables, monthly strategic plan, time for monthly meetings and summary recaps.

3. Initiation & Monthly Updates

After we have developed and agreed upon a content strategy we'll choose a launch date to start putting all of our ideas into action. A typical first month on the CCP involves writing scripts and coordinating shoots. We may also get right into production on content that we can move forward quickly on. Each month we'll hold a meeting to provide status updates, identify any new opportunities, and adjust to your needs as they change.

4. Conclusion

In the final months of your contract we'll provide recommendations on ways to make the most of your remaining hours. You can choose to walk away with the huge variety of content now available to you, or extend your contract to keep the content machine running!

BRONZE PACKAGE - $1199/mo(with 12-month contract)

This is the best solution for organizations looking to add dynamic video content to your social media accounts. A typical package at this level features only a few actual video shoots throughout the contract, but through our strategic approach, we are able to use that footage to create, in some cases, dozens of unique videos.

SILVER PACKAGE - $1499/mo(with 12-month contract)

This is our most popular plan as it provides the additional hours needed to film more original content than the Bronze Package. This means more testimonials, more in-depth “about us” videos or fundraising videos, and options for an on-going video marketing strategy.

GOLD PACKAGE - $2199/mo(with 12-month contract)

This is a perfect solution for organizations looking to develop on-going video content, and keeping existing content up-to date and relevant to your audience.

PLATINUM PACKAGE - $3999/mo(with 12-month contract)

This is the ultimate content package designed to give you the tools needed to achieve your most ambitious goals.

Case Study: Minnesota Computers For Schools

Prior to taking advantage of the CCP, Minnesota Computers For Schools had been working with us for several years to create video at their annual events in order to increase donations. When we rolled out the retainer plan, they were initially excited about how it would allow them to start using more testimonials across their social media and in email marketing campaigns. As we advanced throughout the contract they discovered it allowed them to add video across their fundraising and communications strategy. At the end of the 12-month contract we had developed over a dozen unique videos including testimonials, an event fundraising video, an annual report video, a “Thank You” video, social media fundraising videos, and even a grant application video.

Here’s what they have to say about working with us: "We've worked with Henry and the Open Window Productions team many times over the years - from our annual event videos to shorter testimonials. They've always been very professional and accommodating on each project and do an amazing job of bringing out the best in the whoever they are interviewing!"

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