Author: Mallory Hicks |

Blog by Open Window Productions

I realized that I’m halfway through my time as an intern at Open Window Productions. It’s really gone by so fast! I feel that I’m fully integrated into the team and that I’ve learned so much just by using Premiere Pro every day. This week I did a lot of editing, specifically with our relatively new client, Conscious Living. We had a half day shoot at the end of last week where we were able to capture the footage and audio for their YouTube channel that I’m currently editing into a channel teaser. 

On set, I really enjoyed getting the equipment set up and I had some fun trying to frame and light the shot to match the tone of the client. I was a camera operator for a majority of the shoot and I was able to help with a really cool lighting effect. Myself and our other intern, Amir, had to manually pan the lights in and out of frame to create the effect we wanted, and I think that it turned out really awesome. 

As I’ve been editing the teaser together this past week, it’s interesting to see how we got such dynamic shots that really match the tone of the client’s work and mission. I’ve really enjoyed working on this edit because there have been more moments where I can be more creative and abstract with the editing style. I’ve been able to layer videos on top of each other by using transitions and utilizing unique shots of cool lighting from the shoot. Additionally, I really enjoyed editing the audio and syncing it up with b-roll. This edit has been really special to me because the audio and visuals have such a dramatic impact, which has made the project fun to work on. I think that the final edit will be really cool and captivating.