Live Streaming Services By Open Window Productions

Author: Henry Schneider |

While live streaming is a relatively new feature available on most social media apps, it’s popularity has grown significantly due to the potential it possesses. It offers you a new way to spice up your marketing and events and gives you higher chances of engagement with your content.

Live streaming is a process of sharing content online, LIVE, as it happens. At the same time, not only is your audience connected to the event taking place, but they can even engage remotely with comments, polls, and other engagement tools while watching your live stream. In addition to streaming your event live, the content you capture can be made available to view at a later point in time for audiences unable to watch live.

The benefits of using live streaming

1. It enables you to engage with a broader audience as you can connect with people from around the world.

2. It allows you to extend the life of your content beyond a one-time event.

3. It is available for everyone to use, from speakers at events to musicians, performers, churches, communications departments, and anyone who has prepared content to share with the world.

4. It’s cost-effective because there is no post-production, and the content lives on beyond the event. It also provides unique engagement tools not typically available with traditional video content.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the live streaming option on Instagram, YouTube, or any other public online platform, reach out to Open Window Productions. As a modern video production company in Minneapolis, MN, besides traditional video production, we also specialize in the creation of live content. From our years of experience in the field of video creation, we can effectively guide you and your team throughout the live stream.

Similarly, we can help you prepare in advance so that you can effectively engage your clients from the moment they tune in. All you need to do is tell us about your event, and we handle everything for you from the set up to the scenes or positions, prompting scripts, and more. Another advantage of our services is that they are available at an affordable fee that starts at just $175 per hour. If you plan to use the footage from your live event, we can even edit it for you to create a video that is suitable for viewing after the event is over.

To learn more about our video production services, please click here. You can also get in touch with our experts for more information about our services by calling us at (651) 472-2542 or clicking here