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Welcome to Talking Head Studio, a video studio located in St. Paul, MN. Our versatile studio space is designed to cater to a wide range of multimedia needs, making it the perfect hub for various creative projects. Whether you're looking to conduct video interviews, utilize a green screen for imaginative settings, record podcasts, shoot product shorts, create engaging informational and educational series, produce compelling YouTube content, deliver video announcements, or craft professional corporate videos, Talking Head Studio is your go-to destination. Our space is adorned with sleek black stage curtains, expertly designed and pre-programmed to provide instant and impeccable lighting for interviews, ensuring high-quality results with minimal setup and teardown time. Whatever your multimedia vision, Talking Head Studio is here to bring it to life with style and efficiency.

This 26' deep by 16' wide studio has a 12x12 garage door with ground level access. The overhead light grid is hung at 14' and is pre-lit with 4 Aputure 600c RGB lights, and an Aputure Amaran 150c, surrounded by black stage curtain, and all controlled through a ChamSys Quick Q20 with pre-programmed settings to instantly light the perfect interview.

There are a wide variety of paper backdrops and pre-built set backgrounds that are also included.

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Talking Head Video Studio is located at 680 Hale Ave N, Suite 180, St. Paul, MN 55128. There is garage access around the back of the building. 1 to 2 vehicles can be parked behind the studio near the garage door. Free parking is available in the lot to the north and the west. You may enter through the back door, or the Open Production offices at the front of the building.




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Additional Lighting
BMPCC 6k w/Tripod & Lenses
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