The Impact Of COVID-19 On Video Production In 2020

Author: Henry Schneider |

Blog by Open Window Productions

As COVID-19 continues to impact the health of millions, it’s still crucial to stay home and practice social distancing. Without a cure or vaccine to fight against this harmful virus, our best option is to reduce interactions and maintain a safe distance from each other so that we can flatten the curve and reduce the number of new Coronavirus cases.

However, the dire need to self-quarantine has required several businesses to make drastic changes to adapt, and the video production business is no different.

At Open Window Productions, we expect social distancing guidelines to be in place for quite some time during 2020 and believe that there will still be a lot of demand for video content as there has been in the last two months. In fact, to cope with social distancing and meet the requirement for video production, we are expecting a few major changes to occur in this industry. We’ve listed below the top three changes we expect to see.

1. Filming with smaller crews and less live-action footage
To respect the need for social distancing, production companies will need to shoot with smaller teams. That means people with the ability to light, run audio, operate the camera, and direct will be required to run more bare-bones shoots that keep everyone safe. They will also need to involve the use of more motion graphics and animations to minimize the amount of live-action footage needed for video projects. Dependence on “found footage” and existing media will increase just as much. At the same time, the number of shoots will reduce to ensure safety.

In light of these changes, larger productions will have to scale back and work with a company like ours that can produce outstanding results with a smaller team. Moreover, as we are experts at running bare-bones shoots that deliver exceptional results, our clients will benefit from our ability to deliver on their goals even as social distancing guidelines remain in effect. Additionally, we are very creative in repurposing existing media and creating motion graphics, so our clients will continue to receive the content they require. Live streaming is also gaining increasing popularity, and we can help set this up for our clients.

Bottom line
Currently, video is more critical than ever before, but only production companies that can deliver the value organizations are seeking will thrive despite these new challenges. We believe we are well-positioned to provide such value and grow our business through these industry changes.

At the same time, our opinion about these likely changes is neither positive nor negative. Under these trying circumstances, we don’t plan to take advantage of our position. What we want to do is help other businesses survive along with us.

For more information about the possibilities for your video production needs, reach out to the experts at Open Window Productions. As a top-notch video production company in Minneapolis, MN, we will work with you to produce high quality, professional videos that are guaranteed to deliver on your goals. Besides offering clients exceptional video content, we ensure them unbeatable rates as well.

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