How Open Window Productions Helped A Non-Profit Highlight A Serious Social Issue

Author: Henry Schneider |

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As a full-service video production company in Minneapolis, MN, we deliver quality video content to a wide range of industries and successfully help them fulfill their unique requirements. 

Ever so often, we come across clients with specific demands that require us to offer a fresh perspective and innovative solutions. While we enjoy assisting clients from different professions, we feel a sense of pride to work with non-profits and contribute to their social cause. 

Keep reading to learn about how we helped a non-profit highlight a serious social issue. 

The Challenge: Producing testimonial videos about ‘domestic violence against women’ without invading their privacy.
In 2019, we were approached by a non-profit agency (Someplace Safe) who work towards empowering women in domestic violence situations. They wanted to share the impact their work has on organizations, but for privacy reasons, there were very few individuals we could film and very little “b-roll” we could capture. 

We believe testimonial videos are an excellent way to narrate a story, evoke emotion, and convey a clear, social message. And for non-profits, it could even translate to more donations. However, in this case, we were unable to film client testimonial footage due to privacy concerns.

The Solution: Capturing employees’ stories within the organization.
We felt the stories of triumph through challenging situations were still worth sharing, so we had people from within the organization speak about the impact they’ve witnessed first hand, without getting specific about individual stories and avoiding privacy concerns.

Their stories and experiences are all real, and we break the “fourth wall” in the video with a behind-the-scenes shot that reveals the scene.  Not only does this help us edit around a limited amount of non-interview footage, but we are able to provide a level of authenticity to the scene and earn the viewers’ trust.  This way, even though we may have guided the interviewee into polished responses, it remains real and authentic.

We spent several weeks coordinating the shoots, two days in production, and about two weeks in post-production to deliver four testimonial videos.

The Bottom Line
As a top video production company in Minneapolis, MN, at Open Window Productions, we’ve maintained an excellent reputation due to our ability to overcome challenges and accomplish our clients’ goals. 

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