Letters From The Intern | June 25th, 2021

Author: Mallory Hicks |

Blog by Open Window Productions

It’s been over a month since I’ve started as an intern at Open Window Productions. So far, the experience has been fantastic and I really enjoy all of the hands-on learning that I’ve done. The thing I appreciate the most as an Open Window intern is how right away I was sort of thrown directly into the fire. Within my first week, I was already working on edits and even got to go on my first shoot within just a few days of starting. So far, my favorite days at Open Window have been on-set shooting with clients and learning all the details that make a shoot successful. Obviously, I was really nervous to start so suddenly and it was natural for me to feel overwhelmed. However, I’ve realized the best way to learn and do production is to just face it head on and try your best.

This week I worked on my first ever livestream shoot with ETS, which was a really fun experience.  The moments right before we went live were intense, but the chaos of it all made it somewhat thrilling. It just made the whole process more rewarding when we solved the issues and everything was a success. Also, this week I took a trip to Cinequipt in Minneapolis to pick up and return a rental for the shoot with ETS. I had never been before and I look forward to exploring more and spending some more time there in the future. In addition to the ETS livestream, I worked on some edits for NMC and Proficient Construction. So far, with editing I’ve been mainly doing stringouts, selects, assemblies, and first edits, and then I’ll hand them off to Henry to approve and clean up. It’s been really helpful to pace yourself and take the time to put together the story. I definitely still have a lot to learn and improve on, but I’m fortunate to have great team members to support me and encourage me throughout my internship.