Author: Mallory Hicks |

Blog by Open Window Productions

This week was short due to the holiday. We had a weekly staff meeting which is always fun because I like hearing what everyone is currently working on and what will be going on this week. We also talked about data management and how important it is to keep everything consistent and running smoothly. Henry told me that data management is a hard thing to master, and few people keep up with it at a professional level, so I’m glad to be getting some experience with it now. Another cool thing I learned this week was how to set up and manage Team Projects in Adobe Premiere. It seems like a really good system that will make handing off projects to each other really efficient and easy. I got some experience with it by making Team Projects for our Earn + Learn project we’re working on with the Sundance Family Foundation and with our Conservation Corps client. 

I worked on editing voice over for the Earn + Learn documentary Open Window has been working on for a while. I chopped up the best sound bites from the recording session and put them together into one assembled sequence. Also, this week I participated in my first Creative Development meeting for Clench Fitness. We all did a little bit of homework before the meeting, so we were all prepared and had the same background information. Then we filled out a brand document with our ideas and vision for future content. It’s nice to talk everything through with the whole team because it makes everything flow naturally. I’m really excited about this project since this is the first one that I’ve experienced from the very beginning stages. Today, I had another shoot with NMC Exteriors in Greenfield, Minnesota. I thought the shoot went well and that we got a lot of great footage. I feel myself being more comfortable on shoots now that I have a better understanding of equipment and how to set up good shots. Today, I was also a human stand because we didn’t bring the usual c-stand to hold the reflector shield. This is what Henry calls, “Hollywood Style.” My arms didn’t feel so glamorous, but it got the job done, and we got the perfect shot.