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Video Marketing strategy

A well-crafted video marketing strategy is an asset in today's digital landscape. By harnessing the dynamic potential of video, businesses effectively cater to their customers' desire for diverse content. This can range from informative tutorials and onboarding resources, to insightful corporate videos that shed light on company culture, and even authentic customer testimonials that solidify trust. Work with us to create video experiences that resonate.

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Video marketing content can be simplified into three categories. It's important to consider how you are engaging with customers in these different areas, and the ways in which video can help to improve your results. Click on each category to learn more.

  • Lead Generation Tools
  • Lead Conversion Tools
  • Customer Retention Tools

Videos that run as traditional or digital ads, at trade shows, or in other marketing campaigns we considered Lead Generation Tools. These videos often peak a viewers interest through a visual gimmick, an impressive fact, or unique offering that resonates with your target audience. To conform with most ad guidelines and with the intent on driving action, these videos are typically 60-seconds or less. In most cases, we put together creative packages that include production of multiple pieces of content to maximize value and increase overall results.

How do you build trust with a new client, before they decide to call or email you? A brand video! Once you've generated that lead and they are considering taking that next step toward purchasing, you have to build trust. We like to say that Google's Crawl Bots read website text, but your viewers (and future customers) look at photos and watch videos. The best way you can make an instant impression that makes customers ready to purchase, is a brand video. We also produce conversion tools for products and services that provide more depth and detail. It takes time for a sales team to build trust with a client and close that sale, but with a well produced video as conversion tool you can scale those personal interactions and close more sales, faster!

Once customers fall in love with a product or service, they want to fall in love with your brand. It's important to stay active on social media and through email in order to engage with your past and returning customers. We can help you create the right strategy to increase customer retention and repeating sales.

Our Creative Content Plan

Our Creative Content Plan packages are perfect for organizations that are ready to benefit from a video marketing strategy. Increase leads, conversions, and retention, with plans starting at just $1,500/mo.

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