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At Open Window Productions, we're more than a Minnesota-based Video Production Company - we're storytellers with a mission. Our purpose is to empower businesses and nonprofits through captivating video content that sparks action and resonates deeply. With a diverse portfolio spanning Testimonials, Informational Videos, Sales and Fundraising Videos, Social Media Content, and more. Our team of skilled professionals combines creativity, innovation, and technical expertise to craft videos that make an indelible impact. We are your creative partner.

Our Values

Value Beyond Measure

Our journey begins with you. We firmly believe that our success lies in helping you achieve yours. That's why we're dedicated to providing unbeatable value in everything we offer. From innovative solutions to personalized strategies, we're here to ensure that every step you take with us brings you closer to your goals.

Pathways to Exceptional Results

Exceptional results aren't just a goal; they're a journey. We guide you on this journey by aligning your goals with your budget, crafting a pathway that marries ambition with fiscal prudence. By understanding your vision and the resources at hand, we create a roadmap that turns aspirations into accomplishments.

Transparency and Accountability

Communication is the cornerstone of trust. Our commitment to transparency begins from day one. We establish a clear process at the outset of your project, and through continuous updates and unwavering communication, we remain accountable to your goals and budget. Your success story is written through shared understanding and collaboration.

Upholding Trust, Every Step of the Way

Trust is the bedrock of any partnership. With Open Window Productions, you can rest assured that our dedication to delivering exceptional results and unrivaled value remains resolute. Your goals become our goals, and your success story becomes our mission. Together, we build a relationship based on mutual trust and shared triumphs.

Our Team

Henry Schneider

Henry Schneider

Creative Director

An all around creative guy, Henry has earned over a half-dozen awards for the video content he has produced. His work has reached millions of viewers on YouTube, broadcast television, and other online platforms; connecting brands to their audience. He is an expert at taking client goals and translating them into effective video content. He has created video marketing content for nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and national brands alike.

Josh McGrane

Josh McGrane

Sr. Video Production Specialist

Filmmaking and video production is my life's greatest passion. I dedicate most of my free time to learning, practicing, and growing my knowledge and skillset as a filmmaker. Helping tell stories and capture life's beautiful moments is my calling. I'm a husband, father, leather craftsmen, and motorcyclist. I really enjoy advertising and marketing and the challenge of finding the right process to bring a company and their clients together. I have two philosophies in life. The first is to find what you love and be the best you can at it. When you find what fulfills you share it with others because passion generates creativity and through creativity we can all find a voice. My second philosophy is always shoot more b-roll.

Gwen Riemenschneider

Henry Marvin


Gwen is a dynamic graphic and motion designer with a distinctive flair for transforming brands through her creative vision. Armed with a BFA in Graphic Design from MSUM, Gwen seamlessly blends her diverse background in print and digital media to craft compelling visual narratives. Her passion for enhancing brand aesthetics and expanding their influence shines through as she collaborates to create captivating designs that resonate and engage, breathing new life . . into each project she touches.

Henry Marvin

Gwen Riemenschneider

Graphic & Motion Designer

Henry is a multimedia artist with a passion for branding. He has developed his skills to effectively coordinate videos, photos and music to represent brands and personalities. With a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Communications and a minor in computer science, Henry understands how to best utilize modern media to reach and connect individuals through technology.

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