Author: Mallory Hicks |

This week has been pretty laid back since I’ve been in the studio all week working on edits for Proficient Construction and NMC. However, I did take my first crack at Adobe After Effects, which was confusing and fun. I’ve never used After Effects before so I was pretty lost navigating the software. I definitely still have a lot to learn. It’s extremely different from Premiere Pro and all of the nested layers can be hard to keep track of, which I think is what I’ve been struggling most with. I’ve learned that the “hide layer” button is very much your friend. I thought it was nice to dip my toes into After Effects by integrating a motion graphics template into a social media ad for Proficient Construction. While After Effects did frustrate me a bit, it can do some really cool things and I look forward to doing more work with it in the future. 

Toward the end of this week, I began working on another NMC edit with the footage from a few weeks ago in Minnetonka. With this edit I’m starting from square one so I’ve been syncing audio from our two camera set up that we had. I’ve also made “selects” from “b-roll” and started to form the script from the testimonial footage we captured that day. I really like putting together the script because there is something meticulous about it that I enjoy. It’s like putting a puzzle together and making sure the story flows well and concisely. My next steps will be to work on the first edit and to add music, b-roll, and some graphics. Since it’s my third time working on an edit for NMC, I can tell that I’m becoming more efficient and more accustomed to the editing process at Open Window Production. I’m looking forward to next week to continue working on the edit and to have another shoot with NMC.